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Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn / Adagio from Symphony No.10-Pierre Boulez (2010)

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Con esta grabaciòn en vivo, de los lieder Des Knaben Wunderhorn y con el registro del adagio de la sinfonía no.10, Pierre Boulez cierra el ciclo de Mahler para Deustche Grammophon.
Las voces son de la mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kozená y el barítono Christian Gerhaher; la orquesta The Cleveland Orchestra .
Grabado en vivo en febrero de 2010 en el Severance Hall de Cleaveland.
Pierre Boulez: There are many pieces that could be described as
"the best of Mahler". But I find the musical vocabulary
of the Adagio particularly toMard-looking. For me, it's
a summation of all Mahler had ever written. At the same
time, it places a question mark over the future, indicating
that Mahler would have continued to develop if he'd
lived a little longer.

ln whid direction would he have developed?

Pierre Boulez: That's difficult to say. There are links with early
Schoenberg, for example, especially the Gurre-Lieder,
whose moods and range of expression come very close
to parts 0f the Adagio in terms of their musical language.
But we can't argue on this basis that Mahler
would necessarily have developed in the direction of
Schoenberg. In this respect his final work remains ambiguous.



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