lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Pierre Boulez-Notations, 12 pieces for piano -Ran Dank (2008)

En el marco del 2008 Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia el joven pianista Israeli Ran Dank ejecuto Notations, 12 pieces for piano de Pierre Boulez y gano el tercer lugar de la prestigiada competencia. Invitamos a escuchar a uno de los pianistas mas prometedores ejecutando las miniaturas del joven Boulez.
"Notations" (1945) is a series of twelve piano miniatures written in the very early days of Boulez's career and is fact the earliest piece he has published. Initially neglected after their composition, two Notations (5 and 9) were quietly used in "Pli selon pli", and then the work was fully uncovered in 1970s, when the composer embarked on orchestrating them. While the orchestral versions--much longer and of course with a greater range of colour--are impressive, the original piano Notations are a delight as well. Each consists only of twelve measures, featuring a twelve-tone row in much the same fashion as the work of Anton Webern. In spite of certain formal commonalities, however, the pieces widely range from free (e.g. 1) to tightly rhythmic (4, 6), contemplative (3) to frenetic (2). If you like Gyorgy Ligeti's "Musica Ricercata", you'll find this quite enjoyable.
1. Notations - 1. Fantasque - Modéré
2. Notations - 2. Très vif

3. Notations -3. Assez lent

4. Notations - 4. Rythmique
5. Notations - 5. Doux et improvisé
6. Notations - 6. Rapide
7. Notations - 7. Hiératique
8. Notations - 8. Modéré jusqu'à très vif
9. Notations - 9. Lointain - Calme

10. Notations - 10. Mécanique er très sec

11. Notations - 11. Scintillant

12. Notations - 12. Lent - Puissant et âpre